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The HydroKleen Discovery Session is an interactive, hands on, opportunity to learn everything about HydroKleen, including the brand, our culture and the franchise business systems.

What will I learn about at the HydroKlen Discovery Session?

    • The benefits of being part of a Franchise
    • The HydroKleen Business Model
    • The Process of becoming a HydroKleen Franchise Partner
    • The HydroKleen Trademarked equipment
    • The HydroKleen Cleaning Process
    • The HydroKleen Point of Difference
    • HydroKleen’s Sensitive Choice accreditation
    • The HydroKleen Total Solution Process
    • The HydroKleen Marketing Strategies
    • The HydroKleen Client Management System
    • The HydroKleen Management Academy Training Centre
    • The HydroKleen Appointment booking system
    • The HydroKleen Online/Offline presence
    • Other HydroKleen Franchise Partners successes

You will:

    • Meet the CEO and the HydroKleen Support Team
    • Tour the Support Office and HydroKleen Factory
    • Have hands on use of HydroKleen Equipment
    • Identify your HydroKleen Prime Marketing Area
    • View a fully equipped HydroKleen Trailer and/or Van

At the completion of the Discovery Session

You will have all the facts, information and knowledge of the HydroKleen business enabling you to move forward with confidence in joining the HydroKleen Australia family franchise system.

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13th June 2024

Here is what our Franchise Partners are saying about


My name is Murray Jensen, and I am the new franchise partner for Cairns North.

For some time, I’ve been looking at purchasing a franchise and I looked at a variety of different ones. I wanted a franchise that had some proven process and systems, of all the brands that I looked at that were under a hundred thousand dollars, the HydroKleen brand seemed to be hands and feet above other similar systems.

I recently retired, after 25 years in the Police Service in Queensland and I was looking for a new challenge were I could build an asset for my family into the future.

Training is very comprehensive; I would highly recommend the HydroKleen brand if you have similar aspirations to myself and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

If you want to chat with me at all, I am happy to be contacted anytime.

-Murray Jensen

HydroKleen Cairns North

The HydroKleen Story

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13th June 2024